Excuses are submitted for events that have been created with an excuse submission selected for the event. Members will be able to see that an excuse must be submitted for an event by the "e" with a circle around it on the event list page in the Engage section. 

The chart below shows you which features are available to different access levels and which features can be given to specific Members to assist with attendance management including processing excuses. 

The achievements queue can be found in the Engage section, in the left hand side menu. 

You will need to go to the "Excuses" queue to update the status for any submitted excuse. 

  • Admin Members can see ALL Excuses that have been submitted. 
  • Additional Members (including E-Board) can be given access to process Excuses. 

  • To update the status of an excuse you will need to select how to process the excuse based on your organization's by-laws and expectations. How you process (excused, free miss, unexcused etc.) the excuse will determine the Members positive points for this event

  • You will have the option to write a message to the Member regarding the excuse. This is a good opportunity to humanize and connect with Members through the excuse process, as well as explain the reasoning for unexcused submission or offer an opportunity to address the situation further. 

Once you have finished processing excuses, you will need to select 

the "Update" button in order to save your work. 

Once you have updated the status of an excuse, 

the Member will receive a mail message with the updated information and any message you included. 

The excuse status and message will also be visible in the calendar information 

when they open the event to see more details.