Important: You cannot begin taking attendance with the QR Scanner until 30 minutes prior to the start of an event.

The chart below shows you which features are available to different access levels and which features can be given to specific Members to assist with attendance management including processing excuses. 

After an event has ended you can manage and/or edit attendance through the website. 

Important: E-Board Members can only edit attendance once (unless they are given "Event Admin" access) but all attendance is submitted through website after event, even if you scanned in attendees at event. 

You will need to click on the "outstanding" link under "Attendance Report Status" for the event you wish to edit/submit attendance for. 

You will be brought to a screen with all those Members who were invited to the event. Any Members who were scanned in will have a check mark under the attended column and the time they were scanned in recorded. 

You can individually check Members who attended or select the checkbox at the top of the column to select all Members and then individually "un-check" those who were not in attendance. 

Tip: To find Members quickly without scrolling, use keyboard shortcut "Command F" to bring up a search function. Type in the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar, and the screen will find any Members whose name matches.


If your event has guests, you can also check off guests who attended in the guest column. 

You will click the "submit" button to submit attendance. (Nothing will be saved unless you click the "submit" button before navigating away from the page) 

The attendance will be time-stamped with submission date, time and author of attendance. 

If attendance must be edited after the first submission, 

an Admin or Event Admin will need to access the attendance. 

Administrator will access event attendance information the same way as above for first time attendance, but will instead click on "completed" link next to event title. 

Inside the attendance detail, Administrator will click on "edit" to access attendance editing. 

Administrator can edit attendance using checkboxes and will then click "Submit" button. 

The timestamp for the attendance will be updated to reflect the new time and author of submission.