Admin & E-Board Members can create Achievements. 

Achievements are set up as activities that do not have a specific date (campus speakers, paying dues by first date, or attending another chapter's philanthropy) it also includes milestones (getting an "A" on a test, keeping a planner, or receiving a campus award) some achievements can be earned only one time per semester (serving on executive board) and some can be earned multiple times (study hall in the library).  Members submit verification of these activities to receive points.


To create a new Achievement, Admin/E-Board Member will navigate to the Achievement section of Engage. 

Select the "+" icon to create a new Achievement.


A window will open to create the Achievement. At the bottom will be a space to indicate points earned for the Achievement and Maximum Submissions. If the Achievement you are creating can only be achieved once during the semester (i.e. Paying dues by the first due date) the maximum submissions should be set at "1")

In the pop-up window you will need to create a Title, Description, Points Value, and Maximum Submissions for your Achievement. Any specifics for submitting an Achievement should be indicated in the description. 

Once you have filled in all of the information you will click the "Create" button. 

This achievement will now be displayed in the Achievements List for all Members.