You can use the MCR calendar to create a private meeting or personal appointment. You can invite additional Members to a private meeting. A personal appointment is for you only. 

Click the "+" icon on the top right of your calendar to create a new event. 

Choose private meeting or personal appointment, and fill in the details for your event and click "create"

For private meetings, you will be brought to a pop-up screen that will allow you to add additional members to this event invite. You can use the search bar to add additional members and/or click "View Roster" to add groups of Members. 

The search bar can still be used to add individual Members.  

You can also select a group of Members and add them as a group or select individuals from that group. 

Once you have added all the Members you would like to invite, click "done" to add the event to your calendar- you will have a pop-up option to send a notification to the other Members on your invite. Choose whether to send a notification or not.