Your events will be listed on your dashboard under "Upcoming Events". You can click on the engage icon on the left menu or "see all events" under "Upcoming Events" on the dashboard to access entire calendar. 

In the Events section you will see a calendar with all upcoming events. (Events are color coded by category.) Click the calendar upload icon to begin syncing your calendar. 

A pop up screen will open, with two options to sync your calendar. 

You will use the iCal option to upload to any calendar (such as Outlook) that supports iCal. 

By clicking iCal you will be brought to a pop up screen with the option to "subscribe" click this button. 

By clicking the "subscribe" button you will download an iCal (.ics) file that can be used to upload to your calendar. 

In your calendar program (such as Outlook) click "Add Calendar." 

Choose to add calendar "From File." 

Upload the file you downloaded and click "save", this will add the calendar to your "other calendars".