You can access your calendar of events from your dashboard by clicking on "Upcoming Events" or by clicking the "Engage" icon in the left hand menu. 

You will be brought to a monthly calendar view with the current day shaded. 

The monthly calendar view will show you all the events that have been assigned to the whole chapter (such as chapter meetings & recruitment events) as well as those assigned to specific categories you are a part of (such as committee meetings) as well as Member birthdays. 

You can filter your calendar to view only a specific type of event. 

In order to submit excuses or guest information for an event, you will have to be in "List View." 

Once in "List View" you will see that some events have an 'e' and/or 'g' next to the event title. 

The 'e' is to submit excuses. The 'g' is to submit guest information. 

To submit an excuse for an event you can't attend, click the event and explain why you can't attend, 

and attach a picture to verify if necessary. 

To add a guest, click the event and then write your guests name and birthdate if required. 

If the 'e' or 'g' is in black, that means you have not yet submitted information. 

If the 'e' or 'g' is in white, that means you have already submitted this information. 

Note: Once you have submitted an excuse or guest name you cannot edit the submission.