You should add New Members to MCR right away, the first day they are Members, so that they are included in communication from the chapter and feel connected to the chapter. You can add New Members directly from whatever recruitment tool you are using** (OmegaRecruit, ChapterBuilder, ICS, CampusDirector, etc.) by pulling the information and downloading your New Members names and email address into an Excel spreadsheet. 

IMPORTANT! Only Administrators in MCR can add New Members. 

The spreadsheet you download will look something like this: 

You will need to follow these simple steps to input data for MCR: 

  1. Delete the header row that labels the columns of data and any additional columns of data other than Member name and email address. 

    1. For spreadsheets with first and last name in the same column:  

      1. In the first row of data, in a new column, copy and paste the following formula and press “Enter”  

        1. =A1&"  "&B1&","

    1. For spreadsheets with first and last name in separate columns use this formula: 

      1. In the first row of data, in a new column, copy and paste the following formula and press “Enter”  

        1. =A1&" "&B1&" "&C1&","

  1. You should have a new column with the Members first and last Name followed by their email address and a comma 

  1. Copy (Command C) the cell with the information you just created 

  1. Select the blank cells in the column next to remaining names and press paste (Command V)

  2. Each row will have translated the data from each line to have your Members First & Last Name followed by their email address and a comma

  3. Copy this newly created column 

  4. Go to “Manage Members” in MCR under “My Access” 

  5. Select “New Members” from the drop down list and press the pencil icon to go into edit mode 

  6. Click the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the table

  7. In the pop up box paste the data from Step 6 above and then click “Done” 

Congratulations! You have added all of your New Members to MCR! 

Best Practices: 

  • You should take a few minutes to explain MCR to your New Members on Bid Day, and let them know that they will receive an email from MCR with instructions on setting up their account. 

  • Have New Members bring their laptop and phone to your first New Member meeting, and make sure they have: 

    • Set Up Account and Updated Profile

    • Downloaded App 

    • Troubleshoot any issues they are having 

      • If a Member is having issues that you can’t help them solve, it is best to have them logged into their account and use the chat icon in the lower right corner to chat with a Client Services Representative so we can best locate the issue within their profile 

  • Add the “New Member” group to any events that New Members are expected to attend under the Engage section 

  • Use MCR to schedule all of your New Member activities and get New Members into the habit of checking into events, submitting excuses etc. 

    • Lifetime Members can still see when these events are, they will just not be expected to attend and this is a good way to keep everyone on the same page about chapter activities 

**If your chapter does not have access to a recruitment tool you can either type in your New Members information directly into MCR or you can use Google Form and have New Members fill in their information and then download the form data into a google sheet and follow the same steps above.