E-Board and above will have access to edit/archive all forms created within the chapter. 

There are two ways to edit a form: 

  1. Before anyone has filled out the form 
  2. After the form has been filled out by a Member

How to Edit a form before anyone has filled it out:

  • Communicate>Forms>Manage Forms
  • You will know it is still editable because the pencil icon will be next to the form 

  • Click the pencil icon and you will be able to manipulate the form just as you did when creating it. 
    • To delete a component just click the "x" in the corner of the component.  
    • To add a component, just drag and drop any additional components you want to add

How to edit a form after it has been filled out:

  • Communicate>Forms>Manage Forms
  • Once a form has been filled out, you will no longer see the pencil icon that allows you to edit
  • If you no longer want the old form filled out, you will want to archive the active form

  • Once you have archived the form, you can go into "Archived" under the "Manage Forms" section, you will make a copy of the form by clicking the duplicate icon 

  • A new form will open up with the same contents as the archived form, you can add/edit/delete any sections of the form and will create a new form that has the information you want to collect
    • The new form will have the same Title with "copy" at the end, you should rename the form to keep your forms organized
  • You can create a new form with similar components without archiving the old form by using the duplicate icon from the active forms section in "Manage Forms" and a new form will open for you to edit. 
    • The new form should be renamed so it is clear what each form should be used for

Click here for more information on Creating a New Form