Released 2/5/2018

No.ComponentAdded/Changed FeatureInfo
1MobileApp: Version updateUpdate UI and info message in the version pop up
2MobileApp: MailMail Addressing

On in-line edit of recipient fields (to/cc/bcc), the name format of members has changed to First/Preferred Name + Surname and it is showing up to 4 lines of recipients name.
Reply/forward Mail attachmentsMail attachments can now be forwarded thru the app, any supported mail file types such as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, htm, html, ppt, pptx and mp3. And also, when a member reply on a mail with an attachment the filename of attachments will be showing at the bottom of the reply composer screen as <Attachment: [filename]>.
3MobileApp: The BuzzThe Buzz Addressing
The same enhancements did on Mail Addressing.
Comments retry sendingIf the sending has been interrupted due to an internet connection error or network error, a "Sending failed. Tap to retry" button will be displayed and an option to Send again is available. Otherwise, unsent comments can be deleted.
Show 20 comments by default (applicable also in the main site)Regardless if its new or old comments, by default the comments list will now show up to 20 comments. And if there are more than 20 new comments, all of it will be showing.
4MobileApp: AchievementsDisplay "details" of Achievements
5MobileApp: Roster
Nth members in underlineWhen you go to Roster the Nth numbers placed at the upper right is underlined. A signifier that it is clickable and when you click on it, the top 3 collegiate auto-generated groups will be listed such as Active Lifetime Members, Active New Members and Inactive Collegiate Members.
6Bug fixes#2933 Inconsistent universal blue color and font face in The Buzz
#3695 Home header is being displayed on Android dashboard screen, when user click on View Full Site and use Back button (in the mobile) to go back to the app.
#3689 Cannot scroll into Questions textarea (android only)
#3686 After a UA notification has been received, the Questions badge icon count displays uncentered (android only)
#4524 Comments with 5 lines or more is not being displayed properly in The Buzz app (ios issue only). Comments were sent from the main site & iOs
#4756 Cannot scroll in the middle when comments are long
#4702 In The Buzz post info, there is no AM nor PM displayed.
#4696 After sending a long comment text, the textarea size is not changing back to its default size.

7Backend Optimization
% Improvement = ((old time - new time) / old time) * 100 
This formula will give the Percentage Decreased in new response time.