You can change the colors of the external site two ways: 

From MCR:

  • My Access > Website Chair > External Website
  • Click on the number to view the color choices
  • Select the color you wish to choose 
  • Save changes

From the external site:
You can edit the color changes from the external site if you have MCR and the external site open at the same time in two separate tabs on your browser AND if you have website chair/admin access.
  • When the two tabs are open scroll to the bottom of the page and on the right hand side of the page you will see the options of "Change Template," "Change Font," or "Change Colors." You can try and view these options by hitting the "try and view" button at the bottom of the colors menu.  
  • To save the changes that you have made click the save button under "Save Configuration"
  • To reset or restore the configuration to the MCR defaults you can click the "reset" button