Released 5/3/2018

Added/Changed Requirements
4SuperuserAdd flag for Chapter SuspensionUnder Configuration Settings > General Settings related to Chapter Title/Name/Description, "Is this chapter temporarily suspended?" checkbox is added and by default unchecked. Once the checkbox is ticked, the chapter will be suspended, hence, no users will be able to access it via webapp nor mobileapp.
5 Bug fixesBUG 5849 A member cannot Checkout to an Event
BUG 4863 When entering a new line in the mail composer, it does not scroll up so I can't see what I'm typing is. (ios only)

2Home: Points SummaryDetailed points summaryThere is now a way to view members' points summary via app, just click on the points % bar / total points scored displayed in the home screen. All the chapter events and achievements will be listed in the Points Summary screen, highlighting the member's total accumulated points from chapter events and bonus points from bonus events and approved achievements.
1External MailFix external mail format sent from the appIdeally we just copied/patterned the same mail format coming from the webapp and implemented in the app. Thus, spacing issues and email subject are now corrected when sending an mcr mail from the app and viewing it via external mail account.
3Events CalendarSet high brightness when opens a QR codeWhen viewing a Check-in/out QR code the mobile's brightness will be auto-set to high, we implemented this to fix the scan QR code error when checking-in/out to an Event.