Released 3/26/2018

ComponentAdded/Changed FeatureInfo
LoginForgot PasswordReset password can now be done thru the app. The password will also change when a member access on the main site.
Home/DashboardNew Chat Support
A chat support button is displayed in the home/dashboard screen, it will be hidden after a minute of idle time and if the user go back to the home/dashboard screen the chat support button will be shown again.
The BuzzImplement paging listOnly 20 buzz posts will now be showing by default in the buzz list and as the user go scrolling through the list, it will be appended by 20 buzz posts until you reach the end of the buzz list.
The buzz posts and comments sent timeThe buzz posts and comments sent time will be based on the set Chapter's timezone
NAMetrics/Analytics using IntercomThese reports/metrics won't be seen by the members thru MCRapp, but in case they ask for these reports/metrics it will be available and ready to be exported from the Intercom site.
  • Mobile device info (iOS or Android, OS version)
  • User info (User Id, Chapter Id, Chapter name, Organization Name, User Type)
  • App info ( App version)
  • App Events (Menu/page visit)
  • Track members click ( Example: member who clicks mail/buzz link under roster page to create a new mail or buzz post, members who use attachment button, members who use HTML tools under create mail page)
  • QR code request vs QR code check-in/out
Bug fixes#2696 "Excuse can not be submitted within x hours of an event time." info message is not being displayed in the Event Details
#2892 When composing a mail message, attached photo is being shown in the composer/editor field. (ios only)
#4716 Documents menu icon is too big compared to other menu icons (left menu)
#5307 Resigned members are stay logged in to the app
#5416 "File Download error" comes out when viewing an excuse attachment (for members with Process Excuse access)
#5519 An eboard member should not be able to delete a post created by another member