Released 2/26/2018

No.ComponentAdded/Changed FeatureInfo
1Left menu (hamburger)
Refresh app when a user goes to the Home screen, user's dashboard menu and data will be updated correctly
Affected users:
  • Alumnae - added as an Impref
  • Parent - added as an Impref
  • Parent - added as an Alumnae
  • Collegian - moved as an Alumnae
  • Alumnae - reinstated to collegiate status
This enhancement is for newly moved members to a new membership type. E.g, Collegian to Alumnae and etc. All the data of a member will be updated, such as, Roster > Groups, Questions, The Buzz posts and future Events. Note that, this will only take effect once a user goes back to the Home/Dashboard screen.
2The BuzzAuto-refresh when notification comes in from The Buzz postWhen there is/are new comment/s received while in the buzz post, the new comments will now show up automatically in the comments list. For Android users, click on the notification so it will show up.
Deleted posts auto-fall after 24hrsIt will run every day at 12am (server time).  so it can be more than 24 but not less.
3EventsSelf CheckoutFor Self check-in events, the members can now do a Self-Checkout. The Self Check-in time, distance, Self Check-out and distance info are now being displayed in the event's details and are also showing in the event's creator "See all Self Check-ins" list. The period of time a member stayed at event will also be shown on the list.

4Enhancements#4776 Dashboard Optimization
#4622 Mail: Remove long spaces at the bottom of composer screen
#3244 Events Calendar: When going to Calendar, current date should be displayed at the top of calendar list.