Released January 2, 2018

No. Module Added/Changed Feature Info
1 MobileApp: Safety Checkin New Safety Checkin for Admin Safety Checkin menu is located right next to Urgent Text menu when you click on the left menu (hamburger). This menu will only be available to Chapter President, Advisor and Director of Administration members.
Create New and Past List buttons will be displayed when you go to the Safety Checkin screen and if there is an Active safety check-in event, an Active Check-in button is displayed below of the Create New button. When an admin creates a new safety checkin, the app will inform the admin regarding active safety checkin and there is also an option to archive and create a new one or view the active safety checkin.
To view the list of members who have responded already, go to Safety Checkin > Active Check-in button. All members who are safe, not safe, injured and not injured are listed and marked according to their status. A shield icon signifies that the member is injured and in need of help. A pin button is also displayed and is enabled next to the member names so admins can view their location.
The Past List will show all the archived safety checkin events.
New Safety Checkin for Members All active collegian members will be notified whenever a safety checkin is initiated. The Safety Checkin pop up will only be removed from the screen once the members' respond to their status. If Safe, the app will locate the members' current location only if the location services is ON. Otherwise, the app will ask members if they are injured or not and will locate the members' current location only if the location services is ON.
2 MobileApp: Urgent Text Removal of Urgent Text button in the dashboard/home screen