Released December 1, 2017

No. Module Added/Changed Feature Info
1 MobileApp: The Buzz New post composer
New heart placement
The members can now type in directly to the message field, this is to minimized user clicks when composing a new The Buzz post. Also, when selecting/searching recipients, the To field is now editable wherein members can search and select post recipients.
Heart button for liking comments has been moved next to the comments box (left hand). This is to remove extra white spaces between comment boxes and to look comments list tidy.
2 MobileApp: Events Scan Attendees button in Check-in screen For easy accessing of Scanner, the members with Scan Attendees access can now scan members' QR code via Check-in screen (dashboard).
3 MobileApp & WebApp: Mail Reply, reply all and forward icon signifiers
Arrow pointing to the right is a "forward mail signifier, that means the received or sent mail item has been forwarded to the member/s.
Single arrow pointing to the left is a "reply mail" signifier, that means the received or sent mail item has replied to its sender.
Double arrows pointing to the left is a "reply all" mail signifier, that means the received or sent mail item has replied to all of its sender and recipients.

4 MobileApp: Events Self Check-in for members We are now allowing invited collegians to do a self check-in to their events. No need to scan for QR codes just click the "Self Check-in" button in the Check-in or Event details screen and it will be recorded automatically into event's creator list of members who self-checked in to the event.
See all Self Check-ins for event's creator "See all Self Check-ins" button will only be available for event's creator and only after the event has passed. Thus, when clicking on the "See all Self Check-ins" all the invited members who self checked-in to the event will be displayed in the list. Members' name, Distance in yards/miles and Check-in time are the info you can see in the list.
For the event's creator self check-ins processing
  • on iOs swipe left in a record to see Approve and Decline buttons
  • on Android hold press in a record to see Approve and Decline buttons 
Once the record has been processed, it will be updated to its 'status' with check-in time. Everything will also be logged into the Event Attendance list, if approved it will be marked as 'Attended'. Otherwise, it will only be highlighted in red.
5 MobileApp: Roster New personal group creation and deletion Creation and deletion of personal groups, such as Strictly/Personal, Closed/Private and MCR groups can now be done thru the app via Roster > Groups. Just click Edit button and wait for (plus) button to be displayed on the upper right of screen.
Creating, Editing and Deleting of MCR groups are for admins only and as for deletion of personal groups, it will only allow the admins and owner of the group to delete.