If your leadership creates an event that allows you to check yourself in, simply follow the steps below to check yourself into that event.  

  • Members can self check-in to an event 30 minutes prior to the start of that event and will essentially follow the same process as checking into an event with a QR code
  • You must have your location services turned on in order to use this feature in order for the creator to ensure that you are at the event location when checking in.  If they are off you will get this pop-up message when you try to check-in

  • Go into Events, click on the event in question, click the Self Check-in button and click Yes.    

  • The check-in will be sent to the creator of the event to either approve or deny.  If you are more than .25 miles from the event location, it will indicate to the creator that you are not actually at the event and will likely have your check-in denied.