Released October, 30, 2017

No. Module Added/Changed Info
1 Mobile: UI overall screen Change overall background color to hex#EEEEEE
2 Website: Event Templates Guest checkbox option
Reminder checkbox option
"Guest" and "Reminder" are new checkboxes field in the Event Templates. If ticked, "Guest" and "Reminder" checkboxes field will also be displayed when creating new or updating future events.
3 Website: Events
Reminders & Guest fields

These 2 are additional fields when creating new events
  1. Reminders dropdown - it's an optional field and once set the invited members will receive a mail notification reminder re: the upcoming events. The event's creator can set it from 1 - 5 hours up to 1 - 3 days before the event starts.
  2. Guest checkbox - if checkbox is ticked, it will allow the invited members to "Add a Guest". Otherwise, the "Add a Guest" option will not be displayed to My Events.
    1. Add guest birthday - will only be displayed if the Guest checkbox is ticked. "Do you want to require the entry of a guest birthday?" checkbox field is shown.
Add a Guest The "Add a Guest" button is displayed under My Events. Once a member added a guest, the button will be replaced by the guest name and can no longer be edited. If the member wishes to change their guest, just notify the chapter's admin and ask them to edit the guest list (on how to edit see below).
*The guest birthday field will only be displayed upon adding of a guest if "Do you want to require the entry of a guest birthday?" checkbox field is ticked.
4 Website: Events Administration Edit Guest
Guest attendance list
Admins can add or edit invited members' guests via My Access > Admin > Event Administration.. > View/Update Events and click View/Edit Guest list option under More Details. This option will only be available if Guest checkbox is ticked.
5 Mobile: Events Add Guest button
Guest Checkin/out
The members can also add a guest thru MCR mobile app. "Add Guest" button will be displayed at the top of Submit Excuse (if present). And once they've added their guest, the button will be replaced by the guest name.
Guest can also checkin/out to the events and their check in/out time will also be saved in the View/Edit Guest list. The admins have the ability to manually edit the guests' attendance.
Stabilizing Scanner
There's also an applied fix to stabilize the event scanner so now, members who have the ability to scan QR code can continue using it even if there's notification pop up display or idle time that cuts the camera session.
New Achievements tab Achievements tab is added to Active collegians calendar. They now have the option to submit their achievements per term and view their submissions via mcr app.
6 Mobile: Roster Add Strictly Personal, Closed/Private, MCR (admin created) Groups
Add or remove members on Personal Groups (abovementioned)
All Strictly Personal and Closed/Private groups are added at the top of Auto-generated groups, the groups are arranged by group type and in alphabetical order. Auto-generated groups are in bold.
An "Edit" button is available on Personal groups and this button will only be displayed for group admins. When editing a group, an (plus) (add) button and (minus) remove button are displayed for editing members. Important note: Admins members cannot remove the creator of group.
7 Mobile: The Buzz New comments UI
Removal of comments formatting (bold/italic)
Display comments sent date/time
UI Enhancements on The Buzz info : changed to Hex#DADADA 75% opacity overlay
The front-end has now been changed to minimize the user clicks when commenting in The buzz post. It is like a UI text/chat messaging, the comment texfield is displayed at the bottom of message view and when a user click on it the keyboard will show up, from there enter texts directly to the comments textarea and hit send button.
The comments sent date/time will also now be added in the comments list.
  • All messages within that weekday will all be under a singular weekday label
  • All messages that were from yesterday will all be under a singular "yesterday" label
  • Messages that are within an hour time frame of a post will be under a singular hour time label