Released Oct 2, 2017

Added/Changed Feature
1 Web: Homepage Dashboard Report for Calendar, Questions, Signup Sheets, and Forum new updates  Signup Sheets/Invite Responses and Forms are newly added in the new homepage on the main site. The Calendar event for next 4 days, unanswered Questions, current and future published Signup Sheets/Invite Responses and Forms are also displayed.
"View all" button is also added on Questions and Signup Sheets/Invite Responses and on click the users will be redirected to its respective page/list view.
2 Mobile: Mail, The Buzz Support multiple attachments Mail and The Buzz supports multiple attachments that will handle up to 3 photos
3 Web: Metrics/Stats Summary Reports Members active on MCR
Average attendance for mandatory events
Average attendance for bonus requested events
4 Mobile & Web: Calendar & Manage Users Permission to give a member the ability to Scan QR code A Scan Attendees checkbox is added in Manage Users > Lifetime Members page. This checkbox will give access to members the ability to scan QR code. If checked/selected, the member will have Scan Attendees button on Chapter Events.
By default, admins and members with eboard access "Scan Attendees" checkbox is ticked/selected and cannot be unchecked.
5 Mobile: Settings Customized Notifications A "Notify me on..." settings is added on Settings menu, below Pause notifications for. This settings is a notifications switch on/off per chapter, from Mail, The Buzz, Questions, Announcements and Sign up Sheets/Invite Responses.
Thus, if a member with multi-chapters/accounts would turn off her Mail notifications, she will not be notified re: new Mails only from the chapter she is currently in.
This is available on the mobile app only.
6 Mobile: The Buzz
Showing The Buzz Groups' members When clicking on The Buzz post group recipient, the members list will now be displayed.
7 Web: Mail Mark all as Read button "Mark all as Read" button will only be available if the members have unread mails. On click, all unread mails will be marked as read.  
This is available on the website only.
8 Mobile: Mail Added Sent mail tab Sent tab will display all sent mail items, Actions button is also available for Reply, Reply All and Forward sent mails. Archive button is also available on swipe left on iOs and hold down on Android.
Members can also search on sent mail messages list.
9 Mobile: Force Profile Update Alert pop up re: Force Collegian Profile Change The app will not allow members to access until their profile in the website has been completely filled out. Upon their login, an alert pop up will be displayed and a button to direct them to their profile information in the main site.
10 Enhancements #3675 API: optimization of getEvents list function and applying exception handling
#674 API: Fix for GetAllowableSubmitExcuse and GetCountMembers based on API event logs

11 Bug fixes #3609 Imprefs unable to scan if also a parent
#3616 Achievement submissions are showing from previous terms
#3671 Create new users should allow comma-separated values
#3690 Documents menu not showing when no uploads

 3.9 HotFixes / Emergency Patches

No. Date Released App Version Bug/Task Tickets
1 10/14/2017 3.9.1 MobileApp WebApp

#3542 Different event's Location/place font face and size (ios only)
#3677 When a question is long, the questions box on the app is not scrolling so they cannot answer it.
#3540 "You have already checked in/out of this event" is in red color, it should be in universal blue color.
#3672 Mobile: Improve Performance (eliminate crashing issues) - Optimization of Mail, Events & Roster
#3681 APP: Do not include The Buzz deleted posts to The Buzz unread posts/comments count
#2904 Allow edit for inactive impref phone/position
#3669 Find/use gender-neutral profile image
#3715 mail recipient list not being set for reply