Achievements are a way to earn extra points in your chapter without having a specific date tied to an event.  Here are some examples of achievements you are welcome to use: 

Attended Big/Little Reveal

Attending a campus speaker

Attending Initiation practice when not mandatory 

Completing 1 hour of community service

Dues paid in full by 1st due date

Dues paid in full by mid-semester due date 

Education Events

Every Day Hero Pledge 

Holding a Non-Executive Position (per semester) 

Holding a Panhellenic Position (per semester)

Holding an Executive Position (per semester) 

Intramural sports (per semester) 

Member of Order of Omega (one time only)

Membership in another Organization (per organization)

Mystagogue (when little gets initiated)

Organizing a School event

Outside job (per semester) 

Semester GPA 3.0-3.4 

Semester GPA 3.5-4.0 

Sister of the month 

Sister with the highest GPA (per semester)

Supporting a sister's activity

Taking part in an alternative spring break

Volunteering within the chapter over and above