Released on 9/19/2017

Added/Changed Feature
1 Mobile: Login/Home screen Update version pop up This pop up will only show up once mcr app has released a new updated version in the App & Play store. The users wont be able to use old version of the app unless they install the latest mcr app version. 
2 Web: Event Templates Color palette for Event Templates Background, Text & Event-list color

+ black & white colors
These are the colors available when choosing Event Templates Background, Text & Event-list colors, so users will no longer need to type in the color name for each and instead a color picker will be available.

3 Mobile: Calendar Removal of Ok pop up after QR code scanning After confirming member attendance, the success alert pop up with Ok button will no longer be displayed and instead phone camera will show up. 
4 Web: Event Administration Removal of Invite selected list in the Event's invite list When a leader chooses a group (from left to right panel) in the Invite list, the list below will auto-check members of the selected group and if the leader removes a group (from right to left panel) in the Invite list, the list below will auto-unchecked members of the removed group.
5 Mobile: New Notification Settings Notification Settings button added in the Home screen This notification settings are for all communication to be sent out. Settings for Pause notification, Mail and SMS notifications.
Pause notifications are for snoozing notifications, the user has an option to snooze for 30 mins, 1 hour and 2 hours. This means the members who set the snooze time wont be able to receive notifications for any mcr communications being sent out. After the set time, a member should be able to receive notifications.
Mail and SMS Notifications that are also available on the main site (My Profile screen) will be also available in the Settings screen of the app.
6 Mobile: New Announcements menu and screen Announcements menu in the home screen dropdown menu All announcements being sent and show from the main site will be listing in the Announcements screen. The newer ones will be at the top and older at the bottom of the list and only announcements based on the set "Show Announcement Dates" should be showing in the Announcements list. 
7 Mobile: Documents  All documents folder and files will be shown on the app Listing all documents from the list of "What is shown in the documents menu" on the website under My Access > Eboard > File management. Only folders have this > on the right. 
8 Mobile: Mail Display overlay of processing circle when hitting Send button An indication when sending a mail, on hit of Send button the overlay processing circle icon will be displayed.
9 Mobile: The Buzz Composer's name new location in the message view New location of creator's name & blue (info) button in The Buzz message view, it is now placed outside of original message view.
10 Web: Points Summary Add "Include Inactive/Historic members?" checkbox on the list By default this checkbox is unticked, so inactive/historic members are not showing on the list and if checked inactive.historic members will be displayed.
11 Mobile & Web: Profile Add Birthday info Birthday will now be showing in the Profile info (both website and mobileapp). For non-collegians, birth year is hidden.
12 Mobile: Profile Removal of Alumnae membership info in the Profile screen For alumnae chapters only
13 Mobile: Roster Removal of Collegian and Alumnae filter
Add Members filter
For alumnae chapters only
14 Bug fixes #3232 Stop notifications for unrequested users for IA/BR events
#3233 Add president/advisor emails for crsbrequest events
#3266 Fix device register, unregister problem on UA
#3357 Add finance advisor to member-change emails