Released on 8/29/2017

Added/Changed Feature
1 Mobile: Mail Cc/Bcc merged field
Typing directly in Mail > To/Cc/Bcc fields to search and select recipients
Mail Cc/Bcc fields are merged by default and will be separated when clicking on it.

To/CC/Bcc fields are now editable wherein users can type directly to fields to search and select recipients and also when typing in, a suggestions list will be displayed below the field in desc order.
2 Mobile: The Buzz The Buzz addressing
Previous Comments UI enhancement
The selected recipients' member/group's type will be removed upon selection and users have an option to remove or delete selected recipients via x button next to member/group name, just like the Mail addressing implemented the last release.

Only 5 comments are being shown by default when a user opens The Buzz post regardless if there are more than 5 new comments.

When clicking "View More" button, additional 5 comments will be appended at the top of the comments list. "View More" button will disappear when all comments have been fully displayed.
3 Mobile: Calendar Display Multi-day Events
Event listing to match event types color on the main site
Apply events place/location link to google maps from Event details
A multi-day events display has now been fixed. The event will be showing from start date to end date set.

Event types will be matching colors set on the main site. A grayed background color indicates that the logged in member has not been invited to that event.

The event place/location is now a link and when clicking will be redirected to Google maps.
4 Mobile: Roster Add auto-generated groups
Search Roster universal search function
Eboard Members Position Title display
Members and Groups tab is added in the Roster.

On click on Groups tab, auto-generated groups will be displayed and option to send a group message thru mcr The Buzz and Mail is added.

When viewing the Eboard members group, the member's position title will also be displayed next to their names. The order of importance has been applied.

Search button in the Search Roster screen has been removed and auto-search has been applied wherein results will be auto displayed/updated while the user is typing in. When clicking a member name the corresponding user's profile info will be displayed.
5 Bug fixes
When sending an email to a group, it ends up being saved to draft

exclude-from-groups not working for group emails (important refs)

Invite records aren't being adjusted for collegians

Links and numbers are not being displayed correctly in The Buzz and Mail preview message