Released on August 14, 2017

No. Module Added/Changed Feature Info
Login New login screen for main site and mobile app Email and Password are only fields displayed in the new login screen. If the user has multi-accounts access, a "Select Accounts" dropdown list will be displayed upon successful login wherein she can select a chapter to log onto and "Switch Accounts" added in the menu so the user can switch to another account/chapter without logging out. Otherwise, the user will be redirected to her respective chapter.
"Select Accounts" chapter order is based on the most recent chapter the user has logged into.
For the main site, members can also login via
2 Dashboard Check-in/out at the bottom of dashboard screen Members are now able to check-in/out in the current chapter events via dashboard. When user swipe up Check in/out at the bottom of dashboard screen, the current Events pop list will be displayed.
3 Mail Enhanced addressing mail and UI compose screen
Fix external mail format from the app
UI changes in the Mail compose screen:
  • Cancel button moved to the left side
  • Cc/Bcc field has been merged and on click, fields will be separated
  • Message field border and attachment label has been removed
  • Uniform texts default font size and color black 
To/Cc/Bcc fields are now editable and the users are able to search and select members and groups recipient. On click of  (plus) button next to the To/Cc/Bcc fields, Roster screen will be displayed where users can also select recipients.
When sending a mail from the mcr app, the sender's preferred name, email address and mail attachment are now being shown correctly if read via External Mail. The footer has also been updated and displays the same footer from the main site.
4 The Buzz Enhanced addressing functionalities and UI view message screen
Member names link to their Profile Information (commentators and creator name)
Tagging/mentioning a member name when posting/commenting
View the list of members who liked comments
UI changes in The Buzz compose screen:
  • Send to label changed to "To"
  • Creator's name moved next to the blue (info) button (in view message)
The selected recipients are in the blue box and users can delete/remove selected recipients via x button or hit delete key in the keyboard.
When composing a message/commenting, the users can tag/mention a member name. All member names are in blue font color, underlined and on click, their profile information will be displayed.
5 Roster Total # of collegians
Display top 3 groups Active Lifetime, Active New and Inactive Collegiate Members
Order of importance for Eboard and Important Reference list
The total number of collegians is now displayed in the Roster and on click, the top 3 groups will be displayed Nth Active Lifetime Members, Nth Active New Members, and Nth Inactive Collegiate Members. The users can also send a message to The Buzz and Mail to these groups via Roster.
When search Eboard and Important Refs, the list order has now changed and based on the set importance order of Chapter Contact Info > Order Positions.
6 Profile Edit Profile Picture User can now update/edit their profile picture from the app via the dashboard, just click the display profile picture and "Choose from Phone's Library" and "Take Photo" options will be displayed. Select a photo then it will auto-save.
7 Sign up Sheets Archiving of Sign up Sheets Admins/eboard members can now archive past sign up sheets via Sign Up Sheets Management. Archived sign up sheets are can no longer view via Misc > Sign Up Sheets.
8 Bug Fix The buzz and mail Showing member id instead of name