Released on July 26, 2017

No. Module
Added/Changed Feature
1 Home New pull out menu New menu layout on the home screen that contains icons per menu and in new sequence order (Urgent Text, Home, The Buzz, Calendar, Mail, Questions, Sign up Sheets, Documents, Roster, View Full Site, Support and Logout).
2 Mail New formatted mail New tabs for Inbox & Draft in the Mail screen. Mail layout has been redesigned based on The Buzz layout/format.
3 Events Calendar Check out scan An added feature in the event details wherein collegians can now check out from the chapter events. Check out time is also being recorded in the Attendance list and enclosed with the time span member's been into the event.
4 Across some modules UI enhancements - App color changes In the dashboard (home screen), the % points has been moved down below the points bar and Profile Picture and % bar/points have been shifted up a little.
The list format alternating rows color has now changed to blue ( #1C89FE ) and gray ( #DADADA ) from dark purple and light purple.
The Buzz send button color to blue ( #1C89FE ) and the line between the message and attached photo to gray ( #DADADA ).
The Buzz (admins) delete button color to light gray ( #DADADA ) and delete confirmation button to delete text color white and red background.
5 Navigation Header detail All header details display the menu name. This is across all screens. Thus, when the user visit a specific menu the header always displays the menu name at the center.
6 Notifications Questions and Sign up sheets Notifications
Questions and Sign up sheets notifications redirection to respective screens. Questions will be redirected to the questionnaire view and Sign up Sheets to Sign up Sheets list.
The total number of Unanswered Questions is now being displayed next to the Questions icon in the dashboard and newly Published Sign up sheets next to the Sign-up Sheets icon.
My Access > Admin
View Full Site
Welcome Comments Welcome comments has been removed from web and mobile app home screens, View Full Site > Menu and My Access > Admin menu.
8 Announcements/Notifications pop up Announcements/notifications on the app Announcements/Notifications are no longer being shown on the home screen. A new Announcements/Notifications pop-up that will prompt upon login or on click on Home menu. When users clicked Done button, it will no longer prompt. It will just prompt once a day and based on the set notifications date.
9 View Full Site Login screen when clicks on View Full Site Members no longer need to log in when going to View Full Site from the app, as it is already connected to the main site.
10 My Events
Events Calendar
Excuses When admins/leaders are processing unprocessed excuses if the "Optional Message to Send to Member" has been filled out, the message/text will now be displayed in the Event Details screen on the app and My Events on the main site.
11 Mail Collapsible mail recipients When viewing a mail that has long list of recipients, long list are now being shrunk to Nth more and on click a Hide option will be displayed.
12 Badge app icon Badge app icon count indicator The count displayed in the badge app icon (red dot) has now displays the total number of unread mails, The Buzz new posts/comments, Unanswered Questions and newly published Sign up Sheets.
13 Roster
The Buzz
Profile Information New profile information is now being displayed when the users view contact information from Roster and also available on The Buzz when users click on a member name from the comments list and recipients list.
There is also available options to Call from users mobile, send SMS from users mobile, send an eMail from the app and send a message thru The Buzz.