Released July 5, 2017

No. Module
Changed Feature
1 Mobile New home screen New format with profile picture, 2 main colors matching organization and icons for the following features; The Buzz, Mail, Roster, Questions, Signup Sheets, and Documents
2 Mobile Positive points % showing on home screen This will directly sync to the % listed on the website
3 Mobile Features for Mail Now you can format text with a bunch of styles and attach photos from your photo gallery
4 Mobile Text displayed for all events that match the members' info under the "My Events" screen on the website Prior to event: either the submit excuse button, "unprocessed excuse" or the excuse validation
After the event: The excuse validation, "Attendance not submitted", "Attended", "Did not attend"
5 Mobile and Web Proof of excuses You can now submit proof with any excuse via the website or the app. If you are a validator, you will see the proof under "Unprocessed excuses" and any admin can see the excuse under "view/flag excuse" for the event in question.
6 Mobile Ability to scan if a leader. If you are marked as leadership in the manage users section but not on the contact info page, in addition, to be able to have access to the leadership area, you will also have access to check in members to events.
7 Mobile The Buzz Newest communication feature that combines forums and group chat into a unique change of pace. You are able to post to groups and members alike and members can comment, like or a combo of both! As admins, you can see who has posted, what they have posted and when and if need be, due to a policy violation, the post can be deleted. This feature is brand new and we will be continually developing it. The more feedback we get from you the more we can offer.