An admin of your chapter can give any member Standards/CRSB access to allow that member to view and process excuses. 

Please note: This access is not just limited to viewing excuses.  When a member is given Standards/CRSB access, she is given access to all pages that fall under the Standards/CRSB section.  Therefore, we suggest you inform the member that she will have access to all those pages but that she should only be viewing/processing the excuses.

To give a member Standards/CRSB access, go to My Access > Admin > Manage Users

  • Click on "Lifetime Member" under "Manage Users" in the drop down menu on the left
  • Scroll down until you see the Key
  • Check the box for "View Excuses" to open the column
  • Scroll through the names and find the member you want to grant access
  • Check the box next to her/his name in the "View Excuses" column (it should be the first column)
  • Save Changes

Upon the member's next login, s/he will see the "My Access" tab which will drop down with all the pages for Standards/CRSB.  S/he can click the "unprocessed excuses" page and any submitted excuses will be there for her/him to process.