Hi MCR Admins,

With most of our chapters wrapping up their academic year, we want to provide some guidance in making a smooth transition to the summer and fall in MCR. Please read all information carefully!

Recent Upgrades:
We are constantly changing MCR to make it better for all of you..here is a list of upgrades made in the past few months.

  • Our new App was released in March with our new event check-in
  • Late Check-In queue that can be used with the new check-in feature of the app.  
  •  You can now pull exports on the following: 
    • A list of term events under Event Administration
    • Event excuses under the view/flag excuses area
    • Any achievements under View Achievements 
  • You can now designate how many hours before an event you will not allow excuses to be submitted.  For example, if your bylaws say “Members must submit an excuse 24 hours before an event in order for it to be valid” you can set that time frame under My Access > Admin > Extras > MCR Configuration. The member will see “expected to attend" during that time frame under the My Events page.  As of right now, the app will allow excuses right up until the time of the event.  However, it will be available in phase 2. 

 **VERY IMPORTANT**  Download your attendance sheets and points information! Tell your Exec/Council to do the same!
Even though MCR holds historical information, it is only historical for active collegiate members.  As soon as you move your seniors over to alumnae, their information will move too.  So please download any positive points information (both summary and details) and attendance sheets (pdf) you may need for accreditation purposes so that it will include an accurate account of your members including seniors. 

Moving Seniors to alumnae status: 

•Go to My Access > Admin > Manage Users > Membership Status.
•Sort by Year (2nd column - just click on "year")
•Find all the Seniors and put a black dot in “Alumnae”
•Find any other members who are becoming “Alumnae” and do the same thing
•Click “Save Changes” when you are done and confirm your moves.
•It will take a while to process your request so please be patient.  
•An email will be sent out to the admins + your finance representative.  

July 1st
Each members class information will be cleared down so they can enter their new schedule in when they update their profile.  We will also change over academic class.  Freshman -> Sophomore, Sophomore -> Junior and Junior -> Senior.  You should still check your auto-generated groups under Roster > Groups for accuracy!  

Changes in Admin / Executive Board / Council
If you need to make a change to your exec board/council or an admin member, you can do so under My Access > Admin > Chapter Contact Info

Please make sure you do not have outstanding invoices.  Invoices are sent out quarterly.  To check, please go to My Access > Finances > MCR Invoices

***NO financial information will be reset - All info will carry over.*** 
If your Finance representative needs to reset her budgets, she can use this tutorial to help her. (at 1:20)

Events for next term
All events can be added online through My Access > Admin > Event Administration or through "Create Chapter Event" on your Calendar.   We suggest that your Exec/leadership create the events they will be in charge of as they will only be able to edit them if they have created them.   Education is key when it comes to your chapters customized event types.  Please provide your leadership with a cheat sheet of event type, points, fines, etc.  This is usually found in your bylaws or code of conduct. 

Our new app
If your members do not download the FREE app, you will not be able to benefit from the new event check-in that will make your lives 100x easier!  Click here to find out more information about Member benefits – Leader Benefits

Membership status
Please be sure to check that all your members are active on MCR.  You can check this by going to My Access > Admin > Manage Users > New or Lifetime members.  There should be a green check () next to each member's name.  If you see anything else (red, yellow or green circle) that member has not logged into MCR and saved her profile.  Follow these steps to ensure complete communication!

Member logins
Each chapter has its own unique URL for logging in.  This is comprised of your organizations initials, a dash, and your chapter name followed by .mychapterroom.com.  For example, The Zeta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Alpha Alpha URL would be https://aaa-zetazeta.mychapterroom.com.  Members not using the correct URL is one of the main reasons they are unable to log in.  Please remind your members of your unique URL and suggest that they bookmark or save to their favorites to ensure they will always be on the correct login screen. If a member does not remember her username and password, she will need to go to your chapter’s login page and click the “Forgot Username/Password” link to have a reminder emailed or texted to her. She must do this on a computer and not a mobile device.  This is very important for when your members download the app as they will need these login credentials for the app.  

Please remember that MCR is active over the summer months and can be a great resource to stay in touch with your sisters.

As always, we are dedicated to making communication easier for your chapters.  If you have any suggestions on how to make MCR a better tool for women, please let us know by submitting a support ticket through the blue “i” on the right side of MCR.

Good luck on finals!

Penny Zamkov
Founder & CEO
888.998.7496 ext. 5
Taking sororities to a new level of communication!

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