Although you will most likely be utilizing the website in your leadership position, there are many features on the mobile app that you have access to as well.  

Event Check-in and Check-out 

Collegiate Admins and Exec Board members can easily check members into and out of events using our mobile app!  You will have the ability to begin checking members into an event 30 minutes prior to the event.  Members can be checked out of an event at any time after the start of that event so long as they have been checked in first.  

Simply click on the calendar icon, find and click on the event in question, then click the Scan Attendees button.  This will bring up your camera.  Be sure you have given MCR access to your camera or it will not work.  

  • The scanner is specific to each event so be sure you have selected the correct event if you have more than one happening at the same time. 

Just scan a member's QR code and wait for the information to load on the screen.  Review to ensure it is the correct event and member and click confirm.  The camera will then reappear for you to scan in the next member.  Leaders will have to scan one another in.  

You will follow the same steps as above to check members out. 

Submitting Event Attendance after the Event

After the event is over, you will need to go to the website to submit the event's attendance so that members' points and fines are properly allocated. 

To submit attendance to go, My Access > Leadership/Eboard > Event Administration.  

  • Find the event and click the "Attendance not submitted" link.  
  • You will find all the members who checked in with a time stamp next to their names.  
  • Review the list, make any manual changes needed and click "save changes."