To create an Achievement, go to My Access > Eboard > Achievement Administration. 

  • Choose the type of achievement from the drop down menu (once per term or multiple times per term)
  • Give the achievement a title/description
  • Add any details you want (optional; it will appear under the title of the achievement when the member goes to submit the achievement)
  • Check the points box and give it a point value.
  • Be sure the "Show in My Achievements" box is checked
  • Save Changes
  • Review the Achievement
    • If everything looks good, click "activate" 
    • If you need to make changes, click "back to achievement admin listing" 

Once you activate the Achievement, chapter members will be able to access it by going to Events > My Achievements

You have the ability to view, edit, view achievers, export to excel and copy any achievement you have created.