To add a new page to your external website, go to:

My Access > Website Chair > External Site

  1. In the drop down menu on the left select Edit Pages.  
  2. Click "Create New Page" button. 
  3. Fill in the Admin Description, Page Heading and Menu Text boxes with the relevant information
  4. Choose an existing menu item from the drop down list if you want this page to go under another top-level menu item (those tabs you see on the top of your external site homepage).  If you want this page to be one of those main menus/tabs, leave it set to "none".   
  5. Click "Save Changes"

NOTE:  If you need help or further explanation as to what each section means, simply scroll down the page to read a brief description.  

Once saved, the page will automatically be added to your external site.  

For a more visual instruction on how to create a new page check out our External Website Training Tutorial by clicking here and start at 13:24.