Sometimes you will need to resend the welcome email to remind a member to set up her/his MCR account, update her/his profile/information or simply to provide her/him with a forgotten email/password reset link. 

To send out that email, log into MCR and go to My Access > Admin > Manage Users.

  • Find the drop down menu on the left hand side
  • Click on "manage users" to open the menu if it isn't already open
  • Choose the group the member is in (lifetime members, new members, etc.)
  • Find the name(s) of the member(s) you would like to resend the welcome email to and check the box to the left of each name
  • Save Changes

Note:  The key at the top tells you what each icon means.  You want to see a green check next to each member's name.  This means that each member has signed into MCR, saved her/his profile information, and has full access to all the information MCR provides.  If you see a green or yellow circle next to a member's name that member has not logged in and saved her/his profile information which means s/he is not getting the important information your chapter has on MCR.  Therefore, we suggest periodically following the above steps to check that all members have properly logged in (have that green check) and re-sending the welcome email to those who do not (have green or yellow circle).