To create a Standards Request, go to My Access > Event Administration or Events > Calendar 

  • Select "Standards/CRSB Request" from the Event Template drop down menu
  • Fill out the Information (Include detailed description - see suggestion below)
  • Select the sisters that you are inviting to the event 
    • NOTE: The chapter President and Chapter Advisor will automatically be CC'ed on this event request)
  • Activate (and send notifications) 

**This event will only appear on the calendar of the person that has requested the event and the sister who has been requested to attend the event

SUGGESTION: When creating a description it is best to make a general description about the event so that you can make the event reoccurring and just change the people that are attending the event from week to week. 

For example:  

"You are being called into standards in regards to our membership criteria.   If you cannot make this meeting please submit an excuse through MCR within 24 hours of the meeting. If we don't hear from you, we will expect you at the meeting.

This meeting can sometimes take a while depending on who is being called in. Please do not hesitate to bring something to do while you wait, or just hang with your sisters!"