This is a great resource to provide your members when they first begin using MCR!

Please log in as soon as possible!

Login at least 1x a day in order for the chapter to communicate efficiently

Change your profile information when any of your personal information changes

Contact your VP-PR & Marketing/Communications when something is not working correctly

Stay connected with your sisters!


Home page:

  • Sign-up sheets, Announcements, Questions and Forms will show up in their respective boxes IF you have them.  Once you have answered a question, you will no longer see it in the Questions box.  
  • “Your Calendar for the next 4 days” should serve as a reminder as to what is going on in the chapter and what type of event it is.  To see specific information on what events you have been invited to, go to Events > My Events.
  • Positive points will show up on the right hand side.  To get detailed info, click on the link.  If you fall below the chapter threshold, they will blink red until you get them back up.


  • This will show your personal and all chapter events.  Events you are not invited to will be grayed out. 
  • You can sync your calendar to iCal, Google calendar or other calendar by using the “Subscribe/Export” button on the Calendar.

My Events

This will show you a detailed accounting of your points at the top.

It will show you what events you are specifically invited to attend

If you need to submit an excuse for an event, you will do so in here

You can view your validated excuses in here in addition to being MCR mailed to you.


  • Any type of roster listed for your chapter - sister, picture, alumnae, important references. 
  • You can also create personalized mail groups under Rosters > Groups.


  • Connect to your sisters in our chapter - Both collegians and alumnae. 
  • If your organization is global with MCR, you will be able to connect with all collegians and alumnae from your organization. 


  • The number of forums you have will depend on your forum.  This is a great way to have a conversation about a certain topic or just to receive information within MCR.
  • Depending on who you are when you log into MCR, will depend on what forums you see.

MCR Mail:

  • A great way to email sisters without the worry of SPAM!  MCR mail will always be in MCR, no matter what.
  • You can email groups within your chapter and add attachments if necessary.
  • A copy of emails sent to you can be emailed to your external email address if you have that option turned on in your profile.


  • Any information that is important for the chapter - Minutes, Bylaws, House Rules, Menus, Posted files from your leadership, etc.


  • If you have a budget from the chapter, it will show up in here.
  • Your link to BillHighway or Omega Financial.


  • Any link that you might need in regards to your chapter.


  • Everything else - Who’s in my class, Campus involvement, Majors/Minors list, Polls, Forms, Sign up Sheets, etc.