Links will show up in the drop down under the "Links" tab.  When you click on one, you will be taken to the website connected to that link. 

Suggestions for links you may want your members to have access to are:

  • Chapter Website
  • School Website
  • Your Organization website
  • Any link that is important to your chapter

To add a new link, go to My Access > Website Chair > Manage Links.

  • Place a number in the "order/sort number" column to designate which order you want the link to appear.  If you want it 5th in the list, put a 5.
  • Add the Menu Text - this is what you want to show up under the Links tab.  For example, if you want to add a link for your university's website you may want to type in XYZ University.
  • Put in the URL to the website you want to create the link for.  Be sure to include the https://. 
  • If you want this Link to also show up on your external site (if you use the MCR supplied external site), check the box in the "public" column.
  • Save Changes.