You will find it under My Access > Website Chair > External Site.  This should be your chapter’s creation. I would recommend you take a look at how some of the pages are laid out so you can see how to edit pages when needed. 

Here are some things to note:

  • You can see your site by going to - this is for now...when you are ready to make it public, we will talk about your domain name.
  • As an admin, you can see the external site info...but if you want to designate 1 woman in the chapter as website chair, you will need to give her access under My Access > Admin > Manage Users > Lifetime members.
  • You can control the Contact Info Page under My Access > Admin > Chapter Contact Info, including your VP-Recruitment info.
  • You can control your external links, which show up on the external contact page under My Access > Website Chair > Manage Links...don’t forget the public box.
  • You can control your external calendar by putting a check in the public box in any events you want shown.
  • The Edit Photo page is just for photos that will show up in your photo gallery and also can be used throughout the site.
  • The Edit Files page is for all other files. 
  • The Edit Pages is where you will customize the content.

Here is a video that will get you more acquainted with the external site - 25:27 minutes.