The Potential Fines Queue will list any member who did not show up to an event and did not submit an excuse.  The events in here are only events that are finable according to your chapter setup, which should also be indicated in your bylaws.  

To get to the Potential Fines Queue, go to My Access > Standards > Potential Fines Queue. 

NOTE: The members will be divided by new and lifetime members. 

You can use this queue any way your chapter sees fit.  If you do use it as an aid to help fine your members, it will be a 2 step process for your VP-Finance.  S/he will need to mark it charged in MCR, which will generate an automatic MCR Mail to the member and then also fine in whatever program your chapter uses.  The MCR mail that gets sent out will warn the member about the fine, the event it relates to and amount of the fine.  It will be sent from the member who actually checks the charge box and saves the changes.