Minutes from Chapter can be created in any program but must be saved as a HTML file in order to show up correctly on MCR.

How to create an HTML File:

  • Open your file in your program of choice (preferably MS Word) 
  • Save as web page.
    • Make sure the extension is .htm

Once you have done that, you can then upload it on MCR:
  • Log into MCR
  • Go to My Access > Eboard > Uploads
  • Click Browse 
  • Find the .htm file you just saved 
  • Click on "Upload Minutes"
  • You will see your minutes under the Documents Menu

Please Note:  Every time you upload your minutes, it will replace the ones that were there before it.  If you want your members to have access to minutes from every chapter we suggest creating a MS Word doc for Chapter minutes.  After each chapter, add the minutes for that chapter at the top of the word doc and upload this same document each time you have a new set of minutes.