Sign up sheets can be created by leadership/executive board members who have access to the "My Access" tab on MCR. 

To create a sign up sheet, go to:

My Access > Eboard > Sign Up Sheet Management

  • Click "Add a New Sheet" at the top.
  • Give the sheet a name
  • Enter in the dates/times you want available for your members to sign up for.  You can use the Quick Entry section which allows you to create time slots in bulk or the Time Slot Customization section which allows you to manually enter individual dates/times.
  • Save changes.
  • Once you have saved the changes, you will see a button entitled "Publish, and push notifications to members" appear.   Click this button to make the signup sheet available to your members.  This will also send a notification to members via the app that a new sign up sheet has been posted.
  • Your sign up sheet will be visible to chapter members under Misc > Polls & Forums > Sign Up Sheets as well as on the mobile app.