To create a question or poll go to:

My Access > Eboard > Manage Questions

  • Fill out the question's subject (example: formal favors)
  • Fill out the question text (example:  Which of these would you like as a favor?)
  • Select who in the chapter should respond (example: Active Lifetime Members; Active New Members)  
    • Please note:  Only those members/groups you choose will be able to see the question.
  • Select how you would like the question to be formatted.  You can choose Free Text, Single Option or Multiple Options
    • If you choose single or multiple options list the choices in the boxes below.
  • Click Save Changes

Once you save your question, members will get a notification that a new question has been created on their phone (if they have their notifications on).  It will be visible on the member's home page and under Misc > Polls & Forms > Questions on the website as well as on the homepage and under Menu > Questions on the mobile app.