Yes, we realize there are some times when people are important to your chapter but do not need to login.  To add them in, go to:

My Access > Admin > Manage Users > Important Refs

    • Input his/her first and last name followed by a fake email address like (This will allow you to enter the person but prevent a login email from being sent to that person)
    • Click "Save Changes"
    • Scroll down and find the person you just entered in the list.
    • Delete the fake email address.
    • Put a check in the "Inactive" column
    • Click "Save Changes"
    • Input their Phone, correct Email and Position
    • Put a number in the "Order in Roster" box based on how you would like him/her to be listed (Example: If you want Annie Advisor to be listed first and Abby Accountant to be listed second put a 1 next to Annie and a 2 next to Abby.)
    • Click "Save Changes" again.