Congratulations!  New Members should be added into MCR as close to bid day as possible.  To add New Members, go to:

My Access > Admin > Manage Users > New Members (in the drop down menu on the left of the page)

  • Input each member's preferred name, last name and email address as shown in the example. 
    •  NOTE: - This information can be copy and pasted from an existing document.
  • Click "Save Changes."
  • An email will automatically be sent out with an activation link and email address (which will be used to login). 
  • The member must sign into MCR, choose a new password and fill out her/his profile information. 
    • NOTE: The initial sign in can NOT be done on the mobile device.  This must be done on a computer or laptop. 

An example of the Welcome Email that is sent out looks like this: 

If for some reason your New Member does not receive a welcome email, please do the following:

  1. Ask the member to check spam or junk folders to see if the message ended up in there.  If not, go to step 2. 
  2. Log into MCR
  3. Go to My Access > Admin > Manage Users > New Members
  4. Check the box to the left of the member's name to resend the welcome email.  
    1. NOTE:  If the member has a Yahoo email address listed, please ask for another email address and change that email address along with checking the box to the left of the member's name.  
  5. Click "Save Changes."